Our stables

Cultivating the land and feeding the animals according to the practice of organic farming has allowed us to return to being decisive in production choices, as we are not looking for quantitative but qualitative primates.

Stables designed for the welfare of animals

All with free housing.
With cubicles with ample space for cows in milk production.
Inclined bedding for pregnant cows and mothers.
Straw, both in single cubicles and in bedding, determines the further welfare of the animals.

A traditional diet

A traditional diet with pasture and organic and mountain fodder,
is the basis of all our production.
The cattle are treated with homeopathic products to ensure the absence of drug residues in the milk

A territory that has remained unchanged

The healthiness of an unchanged territory, the exceptional conditions of well-being in which the animals live and careful processing are the combination that allows our company to produce an organic Parmigiano Reggiano that is characterized by color, aroma and flavor.