Our Parmigiano

The Brugnoli F.lli Agricultural Company produces its only organic Parmigiano Reggiano, winner of the first edition of the “Cheese of the Year 2006” for the best organic cheeses.



In order to “make” Parmigiano Reggiano, milk is collected in special wide and low containers called affioratori, transferred in hot tanks and heated. Only after the addition of whey and the “svinatura”, that is the reduction in many small granules with the proper tool called “spino”, it can be cooked.

It is only now that Parmigiano takes shape.

It is branded, salted and after the various maturations and the supervision of the expert it can be put on the market.

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Among the peculiar sensory characteristics of our organic mountain Parmesan cheese, its straw-yellow color stands out, due to some polyphenols contained in the herbs we feed to our livestock.

The grasses that grow sponteneous in our pastures are therefore the main cause of this particular color and are therefore major protagonists of our production method.

Our plant microsystem and the environment in which our animals live also give our Parmigiano a certain unmistakable sweetness.

The homogeneous distribution of casein crystals is another typical feature of our Parmigiano and underlines the fact that the aging process of the cheese has taken place in a correct and linear way without any hiccups.

During the 24 months maturation, the taste of milk is still strong and the casein is still intact, while during the 36 months maturation, with the proteolysis of casein, the product is more digestible and any possible lactose intolerance is eliminated.



Butter, ricotta cheese, milk and lots and lots of Parmigiano cheese with maturations to suit all tastes and all palates. From the sweetest to the tastiest, all strictly organic and of excellent quality.

il nostro parmigiano foto dei prodotti